AROUND THE WORLD IN 60 DAYS - 2018!entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from all over the world will launch out on a round-the-world trip on 5 continents

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Globetrotters sharing the same mindset and values will go off on a journey of a lifetime and visit 5 continents together Get access

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Oleg Sharpatiy:

«Traveling is more than a mere combination of transport and accommodation. It’s people around you who matter most.»

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Those who dare to join the project are of a different kind. They stand out of the crowd in each country they represent.

In the era of Renaissance, they would be poets or artists. Today, in the era of digital technologies, they are entrepreneurs, engineers, and travelers.

These are creators developing brand new products and adding value to a modern society. They see life differently and do it their own way.

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How it will be

Traveling gives you a great opportunity to relax, get positive emotions and broaden your personal network. You live up lots of events together with people just like you, opinion leaders inspiring you and filling you with energy.

You will never get as much just meeting them for a cup of coffee in your ordinary life. Many participants stay in touch and find friends for a lifetime.


Round-the-world trip only happens once, but stays in your mind forever. It’s a kind of journey that enriches every day of your life, its taste, philosophy, and value.

Round-the-world trip in the era of globalization gives an invaluable growth experience and brings in a new generation of opinion leaders.


Everything fades away. The essence stays with you. Simple truth earned by our own experience. You are never going to be 27, 35, or 40 again. Each moment is perfect. Each moment is a chance to change it all.


The route covers the best the Earth can give us in just one journey. Visiting even one destination on our list is inspiring and captivating. All together, it’s simply magic.


Is there anything better than making an achievement surrounded by fellow thinkers? Imagine these are gifted pioneers from all over the globe who share the same values and interests with you. Such a team will set you off to a flying start in business and personal development.


We thoroughly plan all the transportation along the journey so that you do not have to worry about anything. The organizers have already covered more than 100 countries and know exactly how to make a perfect travel rich in content. You will always have a minute-planned road book and your personal travel coordinator at hand - in any place of the world.


Need some help or tips when following the route? Not a problem! We are in touch with you 24/7, no matter the place and time.

Share your geo-location in messengers; send us your videos or text messages. Our travel coordinators are there to help, offering their services in several languages to make everything run smoothly.


An experienced team leader will accompany you along the journey. Much more than a tourist guide, this person will make your trip unforgettable, helping you out with any issues in your language.


«New quality of life»

«All over the world, people are actually quite similar. The world is one, and the borders are seamless»

Oleg SharpatiyEntrepreneur and mature traveler
Visited countries
Round-the-world tours
Successful business projects
First to introduce a new traveling format where your impressions and experiences are key
Launched hundreds of expeditions on all the continents
Each travel designer truly loves what he does and can’t live without new discoveries
Who is in
Andrei Baidaphotographer
Pavel KolominShowman
Oleg SharpatiyCEO
Secret guest
Secret guest
Secret guest
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Join 95 more successful businessmen with personal income starting at $200 000

From Tokyo to Seoul
11 days
From Sydney to Brisbane
10 days
From Cape Town to Johannesburg
11 days
Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
From Buenos-Aires to Manaus
13 days
From Miami to LA
14 days
How we work

We take care of all the logistics based on SHINE platform. Internal flights, transportation, accommodation, activities, and guidance included.

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The price of a full 60-days tour and its chapters is calculated based on duration, comfort level, and booking dates. Overall cost on Black level equals to $17 000, Comfort level $24 000.

You have a chance to join us on convenient dates, choose any duration and customize the offer according to your preferences. The average price for one journey chapter equals to $3 500.

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Can I bring in my partner, family or friends?
To start out, you need to send a request and briefly tell us about yourself. Everyone ready for challenges, with an adventurous spirit and open mind is definitely in!
What about visas and all the documents?
Shine! provides qualified assistance with all the documents needed for your journey. Please contact us to get a full list of documents, information about visa requirements and deadlines.
Can I contact other travelers?
Once your participation is confirmed, you will be added to the round-the-world chat to meet other travelers. Mini-group chats and your personal travel coordinator will keep in touch with you 24/7.
What are the participation criteria and regulations?
To participate, send a request, fill in your personal information, interests, and business area. Feel free to share your social media profiles.
I’m in! When to book my place and prepare my documents?
We advise to arrange organizational matters beforehand. The earlier you book your place, the more advantages you will get. Besides, starting right now, you will ensure your participation comfortably.
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